Bildupphovsrätt member lists


Bildupphovsrätt represents approximately 8,500 Swedish and 90,000 foreign artists. The member lists contain the names of our Swedish and foreign members. All professional categories in the visual arts are represented. Lists of members can be found to the right.


A number of Bildupphovsrätt’s foreign members on the list are not covered by Bildupphovsrätt’s general agreement with museums, municipalities, county councils, art associations, auction houses and newspapers. For these artists, the contractual party must obtain special permission from Bildupphovsrätt prior to publication. A list of these artists can also be found to the right.


Lists to download

Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige member register in PDF format: Member register, individual members


List of individual members not covered by Bildupphovsrätt’s agreement, updated 12 December 2014: List, non-covered members.


List of artists with special copyright designation: Members with specific designation.