Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting on april 7th 2016 the following Board was elected.



  • For SK – the Swedish Artists Association: Erica Rönnbäck member and Ronny Knutsson substitute
  • For KIF – the Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers and KRO – the Swedish Artists’ National Organization: Katarina Jönsson Norling member and Eva Månsson substitute
  • For Svenska Tecknare – the association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers: Karin Ahlin member and Björn Ateldax substitute
  • For SFF – the Swedish Association of Professional Photographers: Paul Vestergren member and Ann-Katrine Almqvist substitute
  • For SJF – the Swedish Union of Journalists: Olle Wilöf member and Johan Lif substitute


For individual members the following people were elected at the BUS AGM before the merger:

  • For living artists: Åsa Berndtsson Chairman and Nilsmagnus Sköld personal substitute
  • For deceased artists: Jacob Derkert member and [vacancy] personal substitute


The Board’s mandate period runs until the next Bildupphovsrätt AGM to be held in june 2017.