BUS becomes Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige

BUS and Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige/ the Visual Copyright Society in Sweden merged on 1 July 2015. At the same time we made a constitutional amendment and officially changed our name to Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige.


Bildupphovsrätt can now license users who need to use all kinds of visual art while we continue to represent our individual members in various matters relating to reproduction.


In connection with the merger we are launching a new website. Image users can now use the website to report their usage and also obtain information about the artists we represent prices and agreements. You should be able to report the use of works and manage your contacts with Bildupphovsrätt at the place and time that best suits you.


Artists can apply for IV (individual remuneration when your works are displayed in museums for instance) and IR (individual remuneration when images are copied for use in schools and universities for instance) through the website. As a member you will also be able to use the website to nominate and vote for representatives. In the future you will also be able to edit your personal details and we will progressively make the website the central channel of communication between you and Bildupphovsrätt. You will be able to perform most tasks whenever you wish and have time.


We aim to make it easy for you to navigate around the site and use it when you wish to contact Bildupphovsrätt report works or submit information.


We welcome your views on what can be done better or differently. Please contact mats.lindberg@bildupphovsratt.se