Call for information about artists

Bildupphovsrätt devotes a lot of time and effort to finding artists and rightsholders, so that we can pay royalties to all eligible recipients.

There is a downloadable PDF on this page listing all the people Bildupphovsrätt is currently investigating. We would be grateful for any additional information you may be able to provide.


The details we need are:

  • social security number
  • address
  • phone number


or for a deceased artist/rightsholder:

  • year of death
  • place of death


Please send any details you may have to:
Resale Rights
Hornsgatan 103
SE-117 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Alternatively, e-mail foljeratt [at]


Please note that the names on the list remain in place until the matter is fully settled. This means that names may remain long after clues have been provided. The advantage is that we may then receive further information that could be of help.

If you have information on anyone on the list, please contact us.


List of right holders we need information on (presumed Swedish).

List of right holders we need information on (presumed non-Swedish).