Bildupphovsrätt – a link between image makers and image users


Bildupphovsrätt – a link between image makers and image users

What is Bildupphovsrätt?

Bildupphovsrätt was started by artists and its aim is to promote members’ and visual artists’ financial and copyright interests. We represent more than 8500 direct artists in Sweden as well as KRO – the Swedish Artists’ National Organization and KIF – the Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers SFF – the Swedish Association of Professional Photographers Svenska Tecknare – the association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers SJF – the Swedish Union of Journalists and SK – the Swedish Artists Association. Bildupphovsrätt also represents some 90000 foreign visual artists through the sister societies we work with. Bildupphovsrätt complies with Swedish and international copyright laws. 
Bildupphovsrätt collects royalties on behalf of artists when their works are used in different contexts. These may be books record covers posters in newspapers and magazines or on websites. Every year around SEK 70 million is paid back to the people who create the visual art. Money that enables new art to be created.

A service organisation for image users

In association with each individual artist or through agreements with partner organisations around the world Bildupphovsrätt helps image users with licences and makes sure the artist receives a royalty when an image is reproduced. We also have a large number of contract customers a solution that’s ideal for frequent image users that want to avoid having to apply for a licence every single time. 

Collecting and paying out

Bildupphovsrätt is responsible for collecting and distributing funds for royalties and IR (individual remuneration when visual material is copied for use). We also distribute IV (individual remuneration when works are displayed) which is a state budget allocation which pays remuneration to visual artists whose works are shown publicly. Since the beginning Bildupphovsrätt has paid out SEK 1 billion in remuneration to visual and design artists. 


Bildupphovsrätt is run on a non-profit basis. The association was founded in 1989 by KRO – the Swedish Artists’ National Organization originally under the name of Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige or BUS. Today Bildupphovsrätt represents several different categories of artists in the visual field. 

How Bildupphovsrätt is financed 

Bildupphovsrätt does not charge a membership fee. Instead we charge a percentage on the money we collect and pay out to cover our running costs. This percentage is currently about 20%. Bildupphovsrätt works for the artist and when this work generates payment a fee of 20% is charged which is taken off the amount due to the member. The percentage is decided at the Annual General Meeting of Bildupphovsrätt.