Use images – Bildupphovsrätt helps you do the right thing

If you wish to reproduce one or more works in print or digitally you almost always need permission before publishing. Bildupphovsrätt helps you get the licence you need to use the picture in all kinds of situations. We represent more than 8500 Swedish and 90000 foreign artists. We help you to do the right thing and make sure that the artists receive the royalties they are entitled to.   

Bildupphovsrätt can offer a range of solutions for users of visual material:

If you use images often – become a contract customer

If you use images regularly the simplest and most beneficial solution is to sign a contract with Bildupphovsrätt. With a contract you pay a fixed amount every year and thereby avoid having to apply for a licence and pay for each individual image you wish to use. Instead you have a licence to use a virtually unlimited number of images at a low price all year round. We make sure that the image rights are in place and that the artists receive the royalties they are entitled to. At present we can offer this type of standard contract to municipal authorities county councils art associations museums and art galleries. Other sectors are however in progress including auction houses and housing companies so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more or work in a different sector. Tell me more about contracts.


How to apply for individual licences

You may wish to use the image of an artwork for a book cover T-shirt print website flyer or something else. If so you can apply to us for a licence provided we represent the visual artist in question. 

1. Check whether the artist can be found in the Bildupphovsrätt member lists. (You will also find members of sister societies abroad.)
2. If the artist is a member: Complete a licence application and send it to us. There are different forms for different types of licence. Access the forms here. (currently in swedish) 
3. Send (e-mail) the completed licence form to Bildupphovsrätt.
4. We will deal with your licence application as quickly as possible. Once Bildupphovsrätt has approved the application a written licence and an invoice will be sent to you.
It is important that a licence is approved in good time before publication since the right to disseminate copyrighted works must be in place beforehand. The copyright designation ( © ) must be given as instructed in the licence. Our price list shows what a licence for a particular type of usage costs.
Obtaining a licence is generally a quick process. It may however take longer if Bildupphovsrätt has to contact the artist or rightholder. The same is true if your query is regarding an unusual way of using the image if it is to be used for advertising or if the image needs to be cropped or altered in some other way.
Send your application to Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige/Visual Copyright Society in Sweden
E-mail: tillstand [at]
Fax: +46 (0)8-545 533 98
Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige
Hornsgatan 103
SE-117 28 Stockholm Sweden
For advice on licences please contact tillstand [at]